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On the following pages you will find further information about our company philosophy.

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Information on the naming - KOHINOR


You might wonder how a company name comes about, because most of the time the names are not self-explanatory. Since we are aware of this, we would like to briefly explain what the name means in general and specifically for us.

KOHINOR is the name of one of the most famous diamonds ever found and cut in the world. It was found in India and also got its name "Kohinor" there. In Indian it stands for "koh-i-noor", which in turn means "mountain of light".

The combination of diamond and "mountain of light", as an analogy for outstanding achievements, prompted us to choose this name. We want to create added value for our clients with the consultancy services we offer, which is clearly different from that of other providers. This is represented by both the diamond with its high quality and the "mountain of light".

This quality should apply to all our consultancy services, which you will find under the heading "Services". Challenge us!

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