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... the strategy and management consultancy

Strategic management reflects permanent change. Increased competition, concentration, liberalisation, shorter product life cycles, lower margins, the Internet, ... Change is omnipresent, forcing management to constantly review the strategic starting position.

KOHINOR has implemented these topics in numerous projects and offers the appropriate support.

Here is an excerpt of our references:

- Successful strategic realignment of a non-profit division into a profit centre incl. subsequent implementation in operational management.
- Establishment and strategic orientation of a quality management department.
- Supporting the management of a medium-sized consulting firm in the realignment of the consulting division to changed environmental conditions. 
- ... 

... the Change Management

Preserving the good and proactively tackling the new:

Above all, leadership also means bringing about changes that are recognised as correct. Changes that are often met with a lack of understanding on the part of the employees and not infrequently provoke a defensive attitude.

KOHINOR accompanies these change processes together with you and draws on many years of experience...

- from the reorganisation of a field service organisation with 40 employees,
- from the planning and implementation of a rationalisation concept,
- from supporting change through the takeover of a corporate group,
- from the support of change through the sale of a product and the resulting reorientation of the company
- ...

Download the flyer on "Erfolgsfaktoren für Veränderungsprozesse im Mittelstand" here: Change Management im Mittelstand.pdf.

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