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Place a piece of sugar cube on a plate and try to ignite it. Most likely you will fail - the sugar will not burn. Now expand the arrangement by adding cigarette ash on one corner of the cube. Then repeat the attempt to light the sugar - now the sugar will burn immediately.


The ash causes the sugar to burn. Such a substance, which triggers a reaction without itself being converted, is called a catalyst.


For company management, the question is who can ignite something in their own company. Who motivates the employees, who puts a project on the right track. Who sets impulses. Here the catalyst is to be understood as a metaphor for the necessity of an external consultant or coach.


A catalyst / external consultant is not an additional control element, not a know-it-all, but one who, by entering your company, moves it forward in a creative process and creates added value!


KOHINOR can be such a catalyst for you. We pursue a strict quality philosophy in our project work and successfully completed projects represent an essential basis for further business.



The customer always comes first at KOHINOR!


Our range of services embraces 3 areas:


Business -

Strategy, Management and Change Management

Operations -

Project Management, Business Process Optimization and Quality Audits

People -

Training, seminars and coaching

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