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... Project management consulting

Being a project manager means assuming holistic responsibility for the success of the project. This is often done without assuming the necessary hierarchical position in the line. This makes it all the more important to be a leader and to achieve acceptance and credibility.

KOHINOR supports you with the experience of ...

- the management of software development projects,
- the management of national as well as international ERP implementation projects,
- escalation management in international environments,
- ....

to master this challenge.


... Business process optimization (BPO)

Improve your business processes - create a higher "Return On Investment (ROI)".

Probably one of the most important causes contributing to failure or non-optimal ERP implementations is the lack of alignment of business processes with the ERP software. Often inefficient processes and procedures are simply adopted into the ERP solution without taking advantage of the opportunities for change. Successful ERP implementations are usually characterised by connecting optimised business processes with the ERP tool. The processes in the ERP solution and within the organisation should always be consistent.



Advantages of business process optimisation

Most companies think in a Taylorist way, i.e. by functions, departments, etc..
Enterprises that want to differentiate themselves from this and work out a strategic advantage usually think and work in a process-oriented way. This approach breaks through departmental boundaries.

If a company really follows a process-oriented approach, value-added potentials are often tapped that were not apparent before and as a result the organisation changes.

If a company optimises its business processes, benefits will result. KOHINOR's BPO offer reinforces these advantages.

  • Address specific or multiple processes within and/or across companies and solve the problems together with us.

  • Define common processes to improve productivity, competitive advantage and information flow.

  • Align your business processes and ERP system with strategic business goals.

  • Eliminate non-value-added sub-processes and activities, shorten lead times and improve customer satisfaction throughout your organisation.

  • Create an atmosphere - the "quality mentality" in every area and department and improve your products and the relationship with your customers.


KOHINOR Consulting supports you in redesigning your business processes and making them more efficient.

If you have any further questions about business process analysis or KOHINOR's range of services, please send us an email at We will get back to you.



... Quality management (quality audits) in projects

The knowledge and experience from past projects is usually not documented - let alone passed on - for time or other reasons. In our programme you will learn how to maintain the quality of projects and pass on what you have learned to your colleagues despite all the time and resource constraints.

Our experience lies in the area of
- auditing projects for project-specific quality features that also ensure sustainable success,
- setting up a QM department and supervising it right up to the run-time of the department,
- Quality management in the area of project-specific software development,
- ...

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