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Seminars / Training / Coaching

All topics that we offer as part of our consulting services are also prepared by us for individual seminars / trainings and coachings.

Speakers with practical experience share their knowledge.

Our services

  •     Individual seminars / trainings on all topics of our services

  •     Individual personnel development seminars / coachings

  •     Seminars on the following topics ...

...Project management - Change management - Leading with agreed objectives - Leadership / Team leadership / Coaching - Project work in practice



Project management

Being a project manager means assuming holistic responsibility for the success of the project. This is often done without assuming the necessary hierarchical position in the line. This makes it all the more important to be a leader and to achieve acceptance and credibility.

In this seminar we teach the basic techniques of project management that you need to 'survive' in projects.



Change Management

Preserving the good and proactively tackling the new.

Above all, leadership also means bringing about changes that are recognised as correct. Changes that are often met with incomprehension by the employees and not infrequently cause a defensive attitude.

In this seminar, we will give you an overview and basic understanding of change management, you will get to know the instruments and methods of change management and you will build up competence to be able to plan and implement change processes in your organisation.


Leading with target agreements

The success of the work is strongly dependent on the human aspects, i.e. "soft factors". Enthusiasm for the task, fulfilment of personal wishes, mutual acceptance of employees, the form of interaction with each other, all play a role.
Analogous to this are the "hard" measurable factors, such as fulfilment of performance requirements, cost and time targets in the work to assess the employees.

With us, you learn to combine both factors.


Employee management / team leadership / coaching

Effective leadership turns personal strengths into convincing results. Every leader has such strengths. Those who know them and apply them in combination with learnable laws of leadership competence create leadership success.

Inspire others for common goals. Communicate visions, derive ambitious goals from them and ensure that the fire of enthusiasm is not extinguished in everyday business. Give impulses yourself. Convince, do, support, lend a hand where necessary. Being a human being and a role model. And in all this, never lose sight of what counts: >>results<<.

Leaders communicate internally and externally. What they say, but also how they say it, is image-building.

In our seminars and with our methodology, we show what employee leadership / team leadership / coaching can look like, what distinguishes right from wrong communication management.

Project work in the field

In every company today, diverse projects are carried out, sometimes in parallel. In order to be marketable, each of these projects must be completed in a targeted manner and on time. It is important to know and master the appropriate methods and instruments for project work.

Seminars and training courses for managers are offered in sufficient numbers. But what about the "normal" project staff? Do they have the basic fundamental knowledge to work successfully in a project?

A lot of time is lost, especially on the "little things" in everyday project work. Does each of your project staff know how he/she:

Meetings organised efficiently?
Moderated discussions and meetings professionally?
Take minutes quickly and confidently?
Write professional and solution-oriented e-mails?
Identified time wasters in your daily work?
An example: A considerable part of the practical project work is "eaten up" by the creation of various documents. How often do you see otherwise highly trained employees typing on a PC or laptop with a "three-finger search system"? Many think they can type just as fast with 2-3 fingers as others can with 10. However, studies have shown that with 2-3 fingers only about 75 keystrokes (=approx. 15 words) per minute can be achieved - that is as slow as writing by hand!

We therefore offer you the course "Writing on the computer in 4 hours", for example. Using the latest findings from brain research and pedagogy, you will learn to master the entire keyboard of a PC quickly and easily.

Would you like to learn more about our seminars? Do you have questions about the above topics? Send us an e-mail at or call us directly - 0281 1644 3940.

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