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Nothing is more constant than change"

beständiger Wandel

We all live in a world of change today. Constant change accompanies us in our professional and private lives. 


What is true for each of us must be even more relevant for companies. Here, change is omnipresent and essential for survival!


Every change in society, every change by the legislator, every project that we start changes fundamental things in the company, even if we may not notice it immediately, and thus offers the opportunity but also the risk to influence our own market position.

Our Goal .... 
unser Ziel

Based on this fact, KOHINOR has set itself the goal to accompany companies in change processes - from the first conversation and the first analysis to the successful completion of the implementation.


If you would like to receive further information about KOHINOR, please send a short e-mail to the following address -

Or if you have any questions / problems with the web pages, write a short e-mail to the following address -


We will contact you as soon as possible.

Our Services ...
Services Concept

This includes strategy and management consulting for the fundamental alignment of your company to the changing market conditions. Project, process and change management for your ongoing activities and seminars, training and coaching for you and your employees to be ready for the change.

Further information on our services can be found under "Services".

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